Single and at a wedding

I believe weddings bring out the best and worst in people.

Last year when my husband and I were preparing for our wedding, we met the most amazing people. Truly generous and kind, people who went out of their way to see that JD and I were happy.

This summer like all others heralds the peak of wedding season – and i’m inclined to think no event promises to ensure you feel jealous, insecure, mushy and broody all at once like a wedding.

The sight of the stunning bride makes you instinctively ask yourself when it’ll be your turn to walk down the aisle, a glimpse of her tiny waistline makes your brain do a quick calculation of how many meals you’ve had that day even though it’s not even midday. Then you scan the church, seeing there’s many couples there – all of a sudden you feel desperately lonely in a hall packed with people.

He says “I do” and so does she and you find yourself choking back tears, convinced you’re happy for them both. Yet you can’t help but feel pangs of jealousy because it’s her and not you.

Being there isn’t just about showing support for the couple. Like the animals on the discovery channel it’s very much a mating ritual.

You’re dressed to impress and distract. Your barely-there-outfit says the things you couldn’t possible say – I’m available, I’m carefree, open minded and it’s ok to come talk to me, I don’t bite.

So you’re alert for even the slightest interest from the opposite specie even though u maintain a front of sophisticated aloofness.

The day wears on and slowly the hope that you might meet someone interesting starts to dwindle. I say interesting because there’s no shortage of boring colleagues and weird relatives.

The days goes on, still nothing.

Catching the bouquet does nothing for you either- the free advert didn’t pay off.

Everyone’s moving to the dance floor surprise surprise you’re stuck dancing with the girls.

And the end if it all, what started out as a promising day ends with you feeling worn out, dejected and irritable.

And you say to yourself, same time next weekend.

2 thoughts on “Single and at a wedding

  1. Hahahahahahhaahhahaha MsLuffa u r really something else! And how do you know sef given you have already crossed over to the darkside ehn😛. Kai but let’s not forget the most beautiful part of weddings though, love is sucha beaurrrriful thangggg😀

    • Honey!!!
      This is me trying to be controversial. How far off the mark am I?
      Besides I was single once upon a time.

      Weddings are lovely, no doubt, but I reckon it’s lovely to different people to different reasons.not all of which have to do with the couple

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