It’s all about the compliments baby

It’s supposedly summer time here in the UK, this means it’s the time of year women prance about half naked in the bid to make the most of the sunshine. With this season comes all sorts of craziness, there’s the diet madness, the tanning foolishness and the insanity of lewdness.
The daftest thing of all is the effect this has on men. Like dogs panting with their tongues hanging out, men drool over ladies the most during the summer. The flesh parade seems to cause confusion and makes them take leave of their senses. Meanwhile ladies are killing themselves trying to get their bodies ready for their holidays, doing their ‘no-carbs, before Barbs’ diets and eating like rabbits. Looking trim in the summer is a massive mission, the amount of effort and self sacrifice that goes into it is serious. The starvation and working out all seems worthwhile just to hear someone ask, ‘have you lost weight?’ there’s something about looking slim in summer, I guess for some reason people seem to have more interesting and fun places to go, and with the whole Facebook thing, even when they’ve been bumming at home the take the annoying photo that everyone can tell you took by yourself, worst of all facing the mirror! it’s like people think this is artistic! It’s not, stop taking pictures of yourself taking a picture!

20110530-172508.jpg I’m convinced that the compliment that comes from a woman holds more weight that the one that comes from a man – we women know what goes into looking good, so woman to woman a good complement meansbut lot. but then the compliment we wants so badly becomes the thing they use to insult us. Cheryl Cole comes to mind, she would have paid for a stylist to help her put this look together so she can maintain her reputation as a style star, but alas this trend’s colour blocking didn’t work for her, neither did the Hairspray she must got from her Loreal deal  My mate who is as African as they come with shinny black skin went and bought some tanning lotion – She told me something about protecting her skin from the sun. I couldn’t help but laugh, na wa o! All those years when we were serving punishment under the hot African sun, kneeling down and flying out arms, we didn’t think of skin melanoma then o! Now news reports and all sorts of statistics has brought confusion. Anyway David put it best when he said, ‘for in much wisdom is much grief and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow’ Ec 1:18

20110530-172938.jpg I understand my caucasian sisters a little bit, I don’t blame anyone for wanting some colour in their skin, but seriously when you start chasing the sun, then you know there’s a problem. One day I noticed that the sidewalk I was on was ridiculously busy, I couldn’t understand why everyone wanted to be on that side of the road until I realised the sidewalk across the street was in the shade. That aside, my neighbours crack me up, in the winter, they seem to border on prudish in their dressing but come summer, they’re bathing in the sun in precious little. I chuckle when I spot another neighbour’s teenage son ogling them from his bedroom window. So be it weight loss, tanning or dressing, more often that not, we’re not doing it for ourselves, there’s someone else inn our head who’s compliment we’re seeking. The sort of friends I have would not say tell me I am fat, but when I mention my weight loss aspirations they are quick to offer me Exercise DVDs and suggest good diet plans – that’s all the hint I need to jump on the scales even though MrLuffa may think I look ok, It’s the one time the girls trump my man. So tell me, if you are a woman, when you go on a diet or complain about your weight, why do you do it? If a man told you sincerely (is it even possible for a man to be sincere when asked if you look fat) that you looked good, would that do it for you, or would you feel better if your girl friends told you you looked ok? If you are a bloke, does the warm weather bring any pressure to look trim complete with six-pack? Do you feel like the beer guzzling from the football season has caught up with you and it’s time to suck in the gut? Also what is up with the drooling? Why do guys holler at girls from their cars in the summer?

10 thoughts on “It’s all about the compliments baby

  1. LOL @ Cheryl Cole

    To be honest, all that dieting, primping et all comes to nought if you cant carry yourself well.

    I love women with larger than life personalities. Men love the superficial….Always have, always will

    However, women admire confident women.

    • NaijaMuminLondon you know sometimes i think if I just loose a couple more pounds I’ll be at my best. You are right dieting is a wasted effort most of the time but we still do it still being who we are. I think people do feel more confident after the weight comes off

  2. “The daftest thing of all is the effect this has on men. Like dogs panting with their tongues hanging out, men drool over ladies the most during the summer. The flesh parade seems to cause confusion and makes them take leave of their senses. ”

    After the above statement, I could not read again. Lol.
    Na wetin now?

    • Oga! Haba! No vex Na?seriously though, I’m probably the only female on the planet that feels extremely awkward and dirty when guys or a man (minus my husband obviously) ogles me, especially when it’s done with sound effects i.e. Whistling etc.
      Oya come back and finish reading.

  3. The article is both funny and true. i also like compliments too but it could be both male and female. As for losing weight, I’m my own critic, I believe I know my body more than anybody else.

  4. Black people do get melanoma much more than you would think, but your friend needed to get sunscreen not tanning lotion. I live in the midwest where it’s cold and i see people go crazy at any hint of sunshine.

    • I’ll be honest with you Madame Sting, i’m very ignorant when it comes to the tanning, sunscreen issue, it just seems silly for me to slap on the sunscreen because i’m going for a walk on a sunny afternoon in the UK, the heat is never anything to worry about – i probably should though, but i lived in Africa for many years and it was never an issue, doing it in the UK is almost laughable. I pray i never have to eat my words though.

  5. i love her smile!cheryl cole..

    dont mind all dis african people jor, especially d one’s that would travel for 1week then come back and start speaking phonetics ..rme

    i think losing weight is good tho, makes it easier to find clothes that’d fit.

    • Lol @travel for a week … How pretentious.
      I reckon people look better in outfits when they are slimmer because most clothes are designed with skinny women in mind.
      There’s a limit though, skinny isn’t cool, but slim and healthy looking rocks.

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