Two girls, a boy and a spliff (or two)

children today hunh...

A post I read on Good Naija Girl reminded me of something that happend to a girl i know.

Raina and Richie had been mates since their primary school days. They went through phases when she had a crush on him but he liked someone else and when he had a crush on her she’d gotten over him. So nothing ever happened, and when Laila and Raina became friends, it seemed like a good idea to hook them up and it seemed to work.

A few months later when Raina was recovering from a  broken relationship she decided she had done enough moping around and  wanted to hang out with friends. So she decided to hang out with friends who were at Richie’s house.

Richie’s apartment was packed, there was a festive atmosphere,  alcohol was flowing and there was enough weed to embarrass a trailer full of rappers. So Raina got comfortable, smoked a couple of joints and drank a couple of beers. The more she relaxed, the more vocal she was about how hurt she felt about being dumped by her ex-boyfriend.

As the day wore on, Raina found herself alone with Richie. He seemed to be the only one who was listening to her heartfelt moans about her ex, so she kept on confiding in him. As she started to sob, Richie was quick to console her – his warm embrace made her miss her boyfriend more and the hug turned into a cuddle. As she stood there in his arms, she noticed that another part of his anatomy besides his earse was at attention. In her groggy state she pulled away from his embrace slowly and looked into his eyes – it was at that moment  Raina knew she could make a choice – kiss Richie and succumb to the heat of the moment, or respect herself and her friend, step back and go home.

Embarrassed, she took a step back and hurriedly gathered her things. Increasingly aware of what could have happened she asked Richie not to tell Laila anything. A couple of minutes later Raina was rushing down the stairs and rushing to the station, not sure where to go. She couldn’t go home stinking of weed and drunk, her mother was sharp and she’d be in more trouble than she was in the mood for – so she just sat on the train glad she didn’t do anything stupid with Richie.  

A couple of months later, Raina noticed Laila had stopped taking her phone calls and was really cold to her. For months she didn’t know what the problem was, they never talked or hung out or did anything together, they basically weren’t friends anymore. As far as she knew she hadn’t done anything and Raina was sure  if she had Laila would say something. Tired of asking and forcing the friendship, Raina gave up and let things go.

Six months later, Raina heard from a close friend of Richie’s that Laila had found out that she’d seduced her boyfriend. Turns out Richie had exaggerated the events of the day, suggesting that Raina was a bad friend to Laila and wanted him for herself. Both ladies stopped talking to one another and their friendship never recovered. Riana never bothered explaining the situation to her friend, she was hurt by the fact that Laila severed all ties with her without even asking her – clearly their friendship was disposable and insignificant.  A couple of years later after Laila and Richie split up and all three friends went their separate ways. 

What do you think? Do you think Raina did seduce Richie by being in a compromising situation with him? Do you think she had no business going to his house in Laila’s absence in the first place? Was Laila justified in cutting Raina off? What do you think about Richie – was he wrong to have told Laila what happened? Should Raina have told Laila first instead of keeping it a secret?

2 thoughts on “Two girls, a boy and a spliff (or two)

  1. Raina had a brief lapse of her senses but did the right thing and left the scene. She could have told Laila but methinks it would have still resulted in a similar scenario being played out with Laila thinking she has the hots for her Richie…but yeah, Raina should have told her.
    Laila should have evaluated the story from two sides before taking her man’s side. Interestingly, had this scenario played out between men, they would have kept their friendship. Girls need to learn to be balanced.
    Now for that low down dirty rat of a bf, good riddance

    • so true Ginger, men don’t brood over these things, and even if they do, they fight it out and get over it.
      I guess the friendship between the girls was superficial.

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