A stranger’s question

Kidney functions – those were the words emblazoned on a computer screen in bright red.

Peering through gold rimmed spectacles was a young man with a red hoody over his head and white earphones with loud hip hop music blasting through to his brain.

He plucks them out of his ears and asks me, “if the train is going forward does that mean we’ll fall backward?”

Not quite sure what he was asking me, I asked him to explain himself.

Before I knew he’d swapped seats and he was telling me about himself and how he wants to do things to help people.

Not long afterwards he asked if i’d listen to his music – he’s a budding artist, you see, with 200 tracks to his name.

Intrigued by this young man, I had his ear phones in my ear listening to his music interrupted only by stories of his life and plans for his future.

He wanted to know what I thought about his music. I had to be honest, it would sell but it won’t help that many people – the music did not represent the person.

Before me sat a medical student desperate to help people and eager to be famous. He hinted at a troubled past and fractured relationships. In 10 minutes i gathered he’s in a music band that will be splitting up, he’s had to repeat his final year and he’s dating an unavailable woman. I imagine his got wealthy parents and is from a political family in Nigeria well connected to those in authority and he may be seen as a ‘successor’ to power.

As the train pulled to a station he asked me, ‘now you’ve listened to my music, what do you think I should do? Follow the path of medical science, become a consultant, and hopefully go into politics and become a successful politician in Nigeria or follow my music and become a super star… ? ”

As I sat there stunned by the weight of his question knowing I’ll never see him again in my life, I asked the Holy Spirit to speak…

He hurriedly packed his things, just before he left the train he looked back and asked me, ‘ what should I do?”

“just help people…” was all I managed to say… He smiled, mouthed the words and waved good bye…


Have you had a random conversation with a stranger? Tell me about it…

15 thoughts on “A stranger’s question

  1. The response you gave him though vague was actually apt. and definitely better than saying the cliched ‘follow your heart’ I would have said🙂.

    You didnt say if he had musical talent though…

  2. @Ginger: Funny enough the guy was ok, but it was more like wasted talent. His songs were the same old stuff out there today. For someone who seemed keen to help people, his music was very deceptive – typical booty this and shake that. When i told him, he asked if i was a christian and then said he would play me the track he would play his parents. I listened to it and it seemed hollow, lacking in depth. Not to say he sucks but as those x-factor judges always say, ‘he’s discovering himself.’
    @Unveilinggold: Who knows… i do have this feeling that I will seem him again. He strikes me as the sort of person that will become somebody. Hopefully he’ll becomes somebody useful.

  3. Hey Ms Luffa, this has nothing to do with this post but I need to ask you a personal question… more like a conversation about some personal things… I know you don’t know me but I don’t want to blog about it or post it on your blog… I hope its not too much to ask you for your email address.. thanks

  4. As I sat there stunned by the weight of his question knowing I’ll never see him again in my life, I asked the Holy Spirit to speak…

    That really stuck with me. I always try to ask on the inner why I have certain conversations that I have while I am having them so that if I am to be a channel for the other person to find their answers, I can be open to the nudges and the directions of that which is pure, all knowing and all loving.

    And wondering why he asked you, he did because he had to. You answered because you needed to.

    I have random conversations all the time. I never strike it up but sometimes, people need someone to talk to and find me a receptive (though sometimes grudgingly so) audience

  5. “just help people”

    3 words that will definately help him (if he keeps them) and 3 words that are helping me. God bless you for sharing and may the Holy Spirit always speak through you no matter what, no matter how little

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