Testimony of Faith Challenge: SingleNigerianMan

When the ToF challenge was birthed I could only see as far as my testimony: and even though I remain expectant that many others will have the courage to share their story, each time I hear one, I feel humble and really excited that others are actively denouncing the shame and guilt of the past . Below is the movig story of one of the regulars on this site – Single NigerianMan, shares the hurt and pain of his past. I hope it encourages you as it has me…



The one thing they never tell you when you give your life to Christ, is how difficult Christian living is. I don’t mean the weekly Church meetings or the awesome Sunday services. I am speaking of the drudgery of life in between. They never tell you how difficult it is to be the flavour of your society or a beacon that everyone looks up to. Most of all they never tell you how exciting life in the world seems to be. If this was war, I would say, they give you a gun and a map to find bullets but then they never tell you when to shoot. I gave my life to Christ as a teenager because at the time it seemed the right thing to do. I lived right, avoided wrong and that was it. I do not remember once doing anything extraordinary, but one thing I do remember was this… Peace.

I could go on and on, but there are questions that need to be answered. Here they are

What was life like before I became a Christian? I have always had a curious mind, a mind that wanted to see things for myself, to try things for myself, to create my own experience and learn from my own mistakes. I read a lot of books on a wide range of topics as a kid and I knew a lot more than kids years older did by the time I was 12. The first time I gave my life to Christ was as a teen. After a while, I got bored, went back to trying things, drinking, smoking, sex, drugs, I guess about the only thing I did not do was kill someone. It was a fun life, so I thought. I won’t go into details, but you should know how a kid who realised God wouldn’t strike him down if he finally drank alcohol or kissed a girl would behave. I ran amok. Friends that knew me then and see me now, wonder how I did it.

Why did I become a Christian? In the course of my life, I had my first major shock when I got a girl pregnant and had a kid. The second shock came when my mum was diagnosed with cancer. They both happened in 2005. I remember thinking that I had to clean up my life and I did. I stopped the drugs, stopped the smoking, reduced the alcohol. I met a girl, I fell for her, fell hard, reduced the sex too. But after that discontent started brewing in my life. I remember thinking that there is more to this life than all this. There just had to be more, being good was not enough. This was in 2007

How did I become a Christian? In my search for more, I started searching the scripture, and when I say search, I mean search. Read the bible and sincerely the more I read, the hungrier I became. I grew up in a Christian home, grew up in the church. So I had done the works. Sang as a kid, danced, was a “Sunday School kid” started playing the keyboard for my church at 9, so I knew the church and I also knew the inadequacy of me. I did not base my faith on priests on pastors, I had learned the hard way as a kid, not to do so. I wanted it for myself, my faith, my belief, so I tested every word I heard for truth and I mean every word. I finally rededicated my life to God in 2008, became a church worker cleaning toilets in spite of all my talents because I wanted to serve quietly rather than showcase myself and those were the best days of my life. I met wonderful people in that period, people I still know I can go back to. I call them family.

How/Why did I backslide? Sigh. I lost my mum in April 2009 and in about the same time I lost my relationship with“her”. I have never put it this way and possibly never will after today, but something in me snapped. You can say I went crazy, but all through that period, God kind of held me together. Looking back now, I don’t know how I survived so I can only say it was Him that held me together. I came back to Nigeria in that same year and I haven’t been able to do what I did in the UK, get into a church and serve, I could name many excuses, but they don’t quite cut it. People might say I am trying but personally I know it is not good enough.

I dare not claim perfection, but this I know, God is the one thing that holds all my broken pieces together right now and through all that has happened to me in the past 3 or so years. If not for him, I would have let go this I know for sure. Miracles are real and they are good but keep them. There’s nothing like the joy and peace that come from a forgiven heart. If you have truly felt God’s presence, felt his touch then you will know that there is no other comparable feeling, none other. I write to you as a sinner, I am far from perfect. But God has called me Saint. His grace is sufficient for me.

So to the lost and broken, I will say this. Live Strong, You are not alone

Jesus truly is Lord. His power is here and real in my life



5 thoughts on “Testimony of Faith Challenge: SingleNigerianMan

  1. What a story… Thank God for His everlasting love, grace and forgiveness! I call Him the God of many chances. God never ever gives up on us!
    Sometimes, the deeper the pit He brought us out from, the more appreciative we are of His mercy and the more gracious we are to show mercy to others as well.
    Thank you Ms Luffa for starting these series, I think it’s a fantastic idea. God bless you! I look forward to hearing other people’s testimonies of faith xx

  2. This is inspiring especially that he SNM doesnt try to sugarcoat what he has been and what/where he wants to be. Bless him and bless you for sharing MsLuffa

  3. Thanks for sharing! You said we Christians often fail to tell our fellow believers that it is a fight against principalities and you couldn’t be more right. Something to think about. Inspired!

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